Of course you're a real runner, Francine! You hang out with us, right?

More fun at the Eugene Women’s Half: Some of you may remember when I had tea with Sarah Bowen Shea back in Bend, OR. She’s a writer and a runner and a mom. And a marathoner. And she wrote a book, “Run Like a Mother” with her fellow Runner’s World writer, Dimity McDowell. And now they travel around doing book readings, and running races all over the country.

So, when Sarah said she was going to do a reading from her book at the 5th Street Market in Eugene, I knew I had to go listen. I like the book. It’s inspiring and real. And I like Sarah. She is too.

When Sarah heard I was moving to Eugene this summer, she introduced me to the fabulous Laura McClain, who lives here and writes the Run Momma Run blog. Laura’s been trying to get me to come to her running group, but I keep sleeping in. But when Laura told me to come to the RLAM reading, and to bring my mannequin, Francine, I did.

And I made a little movie about it.

Because these people are fun and they actually get out there and run, which reminds me that it’s not really rocket science, and whenever I run, or hang out with runners, I instantly belong to the coolest club of all: people who wake up in the morning and choose to go for it, even if they don’t feel like it. And eventually, all the going adds up to being. Sort of like how the Velveteen Rabbit gets real in the end.

Here’s a little tiny 3 minute snippet of their bigger story:

Great job to all the women who ran last week at the Eugene Women’s Half Marathon, and to all the people who get out of bed to run, or walk, or just, you know, strive.